Things to consider before joining any academy

The mission of our academy is to gather the best of the best dental professionals under one single roof to share their valuable skills, expertise, and knowledge with other dental practitioners. Furthermore our aim is to give up to date knowledge to our fellow dental practitioners and help them provide quality care and treatment in an efficient and comfortable manner to their patients.

As we all know these days the standard of education has come down in some of our dental schools here in India, few of our experienced and responsible dental professionals have come forward to guide recently passed out dental graduates. Ironically it is really sad to see that many of these professionals are not able to stick to the original motive of sharing the knowledge and it’s becoming more of a business.

You may also notice that some of these academies are run by freshly passed out graduates teaching subjects that need vast clinical experience and knowledge. Beware of these personalities, as you cannot expect to learn about dental implants placement from those who have not placed at least hundred implants. These people may not know about failures and how to handle them. Moreover a master in a particular field will fail numerous times then a beginner who has not even tried.

Furthermore avoid joining any academy mentored by a novice, they may teach you ideal work in a proper fashion but won’t know much about failures in dental practice and how to counteract them with their little or no practical experience.

Similarly it does not usually matter whether your tutor is a B.D.S or M.D.S; here experience is of value not the degree they hold. So saying degrees do have their own value but not when it comes down to this aspect. For example we can see many old time dentists who are just dental graduates but do root canal therapies, cosmetic treatments and numerous other dental procedures much better than a post graduate of that particular field.

Generally speaking choose wisely, do your research. Lastly, pick a course which will give you more number of patients, get reviews from your friends, mentors before signing up.